Post CFSIA: Back to Lushoto


I wrote this post on the 12th but was unable to publish it at the time due to spotty Internet, so here it is a little bit late.

I thought after Kili that I’d never want to hike again, but I was wrong. The day before yesterday we trekked up to Irente Farm (where we stayed during the program) and had their delicious farm lunch, and then went over to Irente Viewpoint, which we had all to ourselves. Even though we had seen the view before, it was still amazing.

Yesterday we did a day hike with a guide from the Tupande tourism company (actually an NGO that supports the local community through tours and selling handicrafts). It was about six hours up and down the mountain roads, through the rainforest and villages, and we ended up at the Mkuzi waterfall. Swimming at the bottom of the falls was incredibly refreshing and totally worth the trek and the crowded, terrifying dalladalla ride back down to Lushoto in the rain. We had local coffee at the Tupande office followed by a delicious and very cheap dinner at a small restaurant near the market.

Today was much more relaxed. We spent most of it reading, but also did a run into town to buy our bus tickets for tomorrow and pick up some snacks at the market. I really wanted ice cream but had to settle for a chocolate bar instead- I don’t think ice cream exists in this town. Hopefully I can get some tomorrow in Dar, where we plan on spending one night before getting on the train to Zambia. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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